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Twin Diamond Space Racer

I hope you like my design, I built and re-built several times while looking for something different from all the previous spaceships using fairly common pieces in new and unusual building techniques not seen before. The main idea was to convey that this was a next generation spaceship for having fun racing and playing after the previous generations had finished with all their exploring and settling.

To get me started and provide some inspiration I came across an article on a conceptual space rocket propelled by a nuclear fission plasma reactor referred to as a ‘nuclear lightbulb’ which made me wonder how this engine would look in Lego? Also the mega-tonne thrusts produced would be just what was needed for a space racer, where the pilot would want to keep a weary distance but still be tethered to the wild beast as in a horse carriage.

By chance I had just enough space inside the engines to allow some gearing to rotate the blue inlets when turning the black gear as shown by the yellow arrow. Then to allow playability rather than just display, I had to redesign the attachments and hull of the spacepod in order to be able to lift off the ground in one piece while just holding the cabin.

The spacepod is symmetrical so the spaceship and spaceman can both be turned upside down to have the plasma engines above the pod as shown in the last three photos.

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