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The Party House


~~I am a 14 year old that is going to grade 9. My whole life I've had a deep Passion for LEGO. The LEGO brick itself was a very interesting structure to me as a kid and I knew that this brick held an endless world of imagination and opportunities. I always used to display my creations to my friends and family and I hope that in the near future I will be able to show the whole world what I love to do!! PLEASE support me and my creation!!
I spent a couple of days using my imagination to create this house that fits all LEGO peoples' needs!!! there is a balcony with a couch and the captain keeping lookout. there is a bedroom where they can study, a washroom, a kitchen with the freshest food from the LEGO market, a dinner table with a lovely turkey and some wine, a mail box, a TV where they can all gather round to watch FIFA, a fireplace to keep them warm, some fire extinguishers to keep them safe, and a second floor with a beautiful pond, tree growing money (and they said money doesn't grow on trees!), and a nice view from above the home.
This is a great gift to get for someone because it will let their imagination go wild!! If you are one of those people who like to add them to sets this could be a part of your "FUN PARTY AREA"!! If you want, you can even modify some things in it to your liking. I'm sure that there is something in "The Party House' for anyone and everyone!!!

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