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Block - City Design


Are you ever tired of having to pour out your LEGO bin and then navigate yourself out of your room without stepping onto a sharp LEGO piece? Or how about being at work and wanting to release your inner child by playing with LEGOs? Well, do I have an idea for you!

This idea involves creating big pieces that interlock with each other to create massive city structures. This way, it is easier than ever to design and create your own architectural buildings. This set of pieces includes:

  • Simple level blocks (x3)
  • Double level blocks (x2)
  • Single level, panoramic view blocks (x3) 
  • Angled solar panels (x2)
  • Antenna top (x1)
  • Angled top (x1)
  • Pointed top (x1)
  • Angled block (x2)
  • Patio block (x2)
  • Main construction 2x2 base (x1)
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • Or create your own with your LEGO collection!

 These pieces were designed with care in mind to create equal structures without unequal sides, so they all work together, similarly like LEGOs, so you will never face any issues creating your dream structures.

Anything can be made with these pieces, anywhere at any time. 

Support, and you too can enjoy this wherever you go!

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