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Scribblenauts Lego Adventure


Scribblenauts is an inventive puzzle video game developed 5th Cell in 2009. Every since then first game, Scribblenauts has became a franchise with multiple sequels. Scribblenauts is a perfect fit for the Lego brand because of its concept of creating an object to solve a problem someone has. My Lego Ideas project is to make a Lego set with the gameplay and story of the franchise.

The story is that Maxwell and his sister, Lily, were playing a around with Maxwell's magic notebook. Maxwell wondered what would happen if he wrote do himself in the notebook. Suddenly, Maxwell's doppelganger is created for the power of the notebook. The doppelganger turned Lily into stone by using the power of his own notebook and ran away. Now Maxwell must got to different land to fix people's problems and collect starites, magic stars you get from helping others. If you collect enough starites their magic can restore Lily back to normal. You might even be able to solve Doppelganger's problem.   

You can solved a person's problems in a multiple ways. Take a cat stuck in a tree for example. You can cut down the tree with a axe, you can built a jet pack and fly up to get the cat, etc. After you use a make an object you can no longer make it again or use those pieces in the game to force you use your imagination. If you beat the game you can go back an play it has Lily with half the amount of Lego material and two minutes to create a solution. You can also create your own problems and challenges your friends.  

I have made some examples of the problems you will solve. One of them is based in the forest/jungle area and the other is on a city road. The problem in the forest are get a cat out of a tree, tricking a monkey to fall into a barrel and luring a bear away for a wild fire then put out the fire. In the city there are more puzzles. One is giving a poor skinny man a food item, an article of clothing, and a tool to get a job with. The other are helping a grandma cross the road without touching her, upgrade a turtle's kart so it can beat the hare's rocket shoes, convincing the chicken not to cross the rode, and giving the kid an eye catcher so he can sell his slushies at his stand. The final the problem will be giving Doppelganger the person he really needs. Thank you for looking at my idea and please support it to make it a reality.     


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