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Avenger's Malibu Mansion


I want to introduce Tony Stark's living room and lab found at the Malibu Mansion. It displays 6 of his Iron Man suits, 5 which are displayed safely behind indestructible glass. This set includes Tony's work bench and suit- up area. Also in the lab there are computers and a suit that Tony is currently working on and stairs leading up to the living room. Once you arrive in the living room, you will see the furniture that Tony lounges around on when he is not saving the world or inventing  a new suit. The roof of the mansion also doubles as a helipad for quick arrivals and departures of his Avenger teammates. 

This would make a wonderful lego set for Marvel fans of all ages because it provides a beautiful display of the full range of lego Ironman suits. It would be relatively easy to build, but would result in a breathtaking monument to the rampantly popular Marvel series. 

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