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Romanian Old Iconic 4x4


This is a facelift of a Romanian Iconic 4x4. This car won in the 70th and 80th many rallies.

The factory started production in 1957. The factory closes in 2004. This model was produced for civil use but also for the Army, Police and other purposes. Keeping the line from the start model, the factory produced also a various range of light/heavy duty trucks, personnel and children small busses. There were also made Ambulances. This car is unbeatable and unbreakable offroad. In the 70th it was considered beeing in top 5 4x4 in the world. 

This project took about three weeks working in spare tine. I tried to keep the original line as most as I could. The resemblance is accentuated in front and back. There is also a reinterpretation of some elements that could not be 100% reproduced. We could say that it is a modern 4x4 with an accent on the offroad capabilities. 

At the interior, you can find comfortable front and back seats with lateral support in two tones upholstery. The front seats are manually adjustable in height and from front to back. They have also integrated seatbelt holder just as the back seat bench. The car has manual windows in the back and electric ones in front. There are also seatbelts located on the pillar B and C of the car. the carpet and the door panels are grey with light brown accents just like the roof line. There are also small light projectors for reading at night. The dash is functional with addition radio, heating and ventilation function.  You can also find an ashtray and a lighter. Jus like in the original model we can find two sticks. One is for changing gears manually and a manual reduction one. On the central console, just like in some original models there is a radio cd and an armrest. At the back, on the central console, as a light touch, you can find a ventilation panel. The trunk is very spacious and is well upholstered. 

At the exterior, you can find side chromed steps, a ladder, a normal size spare wheel. On the roof, there are powerful projectors, Under the front bumper, there is also a set of fog lights. The front grille is very small, in order  that the car is very well cooled down. The wheels are not off-roaders, they are suited for the highway. Beeing so large the fender needed enlargements.

For this project, there were used 4400 Bricks.

I hope you will like this project!!.