Light-Attack Imperial Gunship Battle Pack™

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This set was inspired by the imperial dropship™ from EU and tle imperial landing craft™ from a new hope™ and the empire strikes back™, it is a simply, fresh idea I came with. This battle pack includes 4 minifigs; a stormtrooper™, a sandtrooper™, a death star trooper™ and a royal guard™, this gunship is equipped with twin laser cannons, pair of flick-fire missiles, a cockpit that may open and foldable wings, thus, it includes a landing platform to connect the gunship. If this gunship existed in SW, it would be in Tatooine™, in a new hope when the sandtroopers™ were searching C3PO™ and R2-D2™, but for now, this set would go for EU.

the gunship connected to the plattform.

it is equipped with a pair of flick-fire missiles.

the cockpit can open for accesing to the pilot.

the gunship taking-off.