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Droidbuster's Mech



We need to keep sharing if this will be a set!  Thanks for your support!



We have officially gotten to 50 supporters!  Thanks to everyone and keep sharing!


Star Wars Day!

Hey everyone!  Today is Star Wars Day and I thank everyone who has supported this idea!  Kind regards from Droidbuster!

May the Fourth be with you!


New Release Latch

I have added one 1x1 stud into the mech to make it easier to reattach the 1x2 with clip if it comes off:

Here is another picture that is easier to see:

This increases the pieces-with-studs count to 43.  I have also discovered a new way to lift up the cage on the mech:

Instead of unclipping the pieces on the top, all you really have to do is pull the 1x2 with clip off the stud.  This makes it way less likely to break the entire thing just trying to get Droidbuster out.

Thank you for all your support, and keep sharing!