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Droidbuster's Mech


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This is the clone pilot Droidbuster's mech.

When Order 66 was executed at the end of the Clone Wars, a clone pilot did not receive the Order and was left behind on the battlefield.  Droidbuster was one of the best pilots in the entire Clone Army, and he and his Battalion, the 212th, were fighting the Separatists on the desert world of Ryloth.  During the battle, Droidbuster was shot down while flying a gunship, and all the troops he was ferrying toward the battle were killed by the impact of the crash.  Droidbuster himself was believed to be dead, but actually was simply knocked out.  During the time he was unconscious, Order 66 was activated.  Both the clones (now stormtroopers) and the droids traveled back to Coruscant, leaving all the remnants of their formerly waged battle behind.  Nearly immediately after they left, Droidbuster woke up, and, finding the evidence of an abandoned battle, began to make his home on Ryloth.  Using the many parts and vehicles he found lying around, he built his mech to help him raise his farm and do heavy lifting.  Droidbuster continues living today peacefully on Ryloth with his mech.

The Droidbuster's mech is made nearly entirely from droid pieces, with only 42 studded bricks used to build the model.  This is not counting the 16 droid torsos included.  The minifigure in the set is Droidbuster, who fits neatly inside the mech.  The fingers are actually able to hold things normally only held by minifigs.  The mech is able to sit down and can be put in a variety of poses.

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