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Star Wars Episode 7 X-Wing


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The X-wing starfighter is a series of Incom Corporation, its name from the striking silhouette of the flipped-up Attack Position S-Wing got. The best known model here was the T-65 X-wing, which by its properties and participation in numerous decisive battles during the Galactic Civil War, just as a symbol of the entire rebellion was like the red phoenix.

Countless improve avionics, sensors and shields resulted in the course of its development to the latest model from Episode 7 - The Force Awakens.
This incredible Lego model shows the typical changes in the X-wings, which no longer overlie each other, but consecutively. Instead of 4 turbines this high-performance machine comes with only 2 turbines spread across four wings. The new aerodynamics have been taken into account.

This adaptation is based on pivotal X-wing, which engage in the closed state together perfectly

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