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Land Rover Defender and Off-road Buggy



If you like 4 wheel drives such as the Land Rover Defender, this is the perfect Lego set for you. The Land Rover Defender is an off-road icon that can conquer any terrain that stands between it and it's destination. The off-road buggy that is included in the set is purpose built for recreation and is at home in sand because it is light and simply floats over sand. This set includes a standard Land Rover Defender 110, an off-road buggy and a trailer for the buggy.

I have built this project because I am passionate about 4 wheel drives, especially The Land Rover Defender. I also have built this car because I belive it will be popular if it is to become a Lego set due to the rise in 4WD sales.

If you like this Lego set please support it as every vote counts.



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