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Gold Rush Inspired Wash Plant - First of it's Kind!


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Hello There!


It's not easy taking pictures of something so big! =D


The model I present to you today, is a replica of a Gold Catching Machine used in the popular Discovery Channel Reality TV Series, Gold Rush. This machine is called a Wash Plant, and is used to sort gold from top soil. This model is not based on a single plant, but derived from many wash plants. The most common being the shaker screen.


My Model


This model is quite large, given the amount of conveyor belts used. I tried to balance "playability" and detail in this build, and I think this result fits the bill. This model features quite a bit detail that adds the realism and authenticity, here are the features: 

  1. A Rocking(Manual) Shaker Screen, that seperates all the gold from the top soil and gravel, flows on rail system. Features two screen levels, top screen sieves fine material from big material, and second screen sieves out the gold itself.
  2. Conveyor Belts systems, one for feeding the good stuff to the plant, one for taking the "tailings" away from the plant. However, LDD does not permit the slanting of the feed belt(really long belt), and had to be left on the floor. The head of the belt mounts on top of the prewash box, atop two support columns.
  3. Slanted Sluice boxes, increases authenticity factor, and the part of the plant that actually catches the gold!
  4. Spray Bars, added for looks and authenticity. Has hook up points for "water" from a WIP water pump
  5. Pre wash box, loads the plant whiles it runs.

This plant can actually be used in your own "Gold Mine"!

Overall, I think this model is quite something, as it is, correct me if I am wrong, the first of it's kind to surface! So if you want to live your gold mining dreams in the small scale world, make it a reality and hit that support button, and leave a comment!


Thanks for viewing!


Many more to come!


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