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UFO - Hero Spaceship


This amazing 2 in 1 model can be used to fight off enemies from both worlds.  This spaceship can easily flip back and forth between a UFO and a Hero Spaceship depending on the enemy to battle.  This one of a kind dual ship includes a rare Laser Tower piece as it's main weapon.  It also contains dual blasters, a power gem, and twin engines for speed and agility.  Don't miss out on this one of kind spaceship.

This Lego was originally designed to enable fast and convenient play time by creating a 2 in 1 spaceship for all battles, so that you would not need to build 2 separate ships to defeat any enemy.  With this unique design you do not need to stop and tear your ship apart in order to build a new one.  This ship easily converts back and forth without any Lego changes by simply turning it around.

Prepare to have a great time and hours of fun.