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Donut Shop - Modular City Store


The Donut Shop - a modular City Store

A place for everybody who is addicted to all kind of sweet things ( beside lego )

Here your minifigs can get their favourite cupcakes, cookies and of course donuts.

Freshly served the best donuts in town!

It`s a modular buildung with it`s baseplates meassures of 32 x 32 

So it fits into any modular lego city.

The design is inspired by classic traditional american diners.

The roof is removable and the huge donut on top can be turned 360°

The interior has two chill-showcases and one big candybar display.

The set includes 3 minifigures:

- 2 vendors

- customer of the month

I appreciate every kind of support, thank you very much!

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