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Jakku Shipwreck Dogfight Micro Diorama


Rey: "Get ready!"

Finn: "Okay! Okay!" [pause] "Get ready for what?!"

One of the most exciting and memorable scenes in Star Wars VII "The Force Awakens" is Rey and Finn's first flight in the Millennium Falcon fighting two TIE Fighters that hunt them down on the desert planet Jakku. Now you can recreate all those adrenaline pumping actions in a form of Lego micro diorama set that can be nicely displayed on your desk.

Both micro Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter are displayed on top of the "deserted shipwrecks" as their base. 

The Millennium Falcon's lower cannons can be rotated or even be put into "broken" position, as seen in the movie.

If you find the Force is strong in this project, please kindly support :) Thank you

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