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Allinol Hotel

         This is a hotel that took me about two days to complete. It was fun to build so hope you like it! Ok, so starting with the exterior we have a tree, a trash can, and a small walkway to the front door. There is some nice decorations along the hotel in the front as well. On to the sides, one side has three windows, and the other has one. Going on to the back, there is a nice pool with a diving board, a raft, a floaty, and a pool chair along with two mini figures. The back also has an entry way to the inside which leads to the kitchen, and a small window on the top floor too.
          Now for the interior! The first floor is where the entrance from the door is.There is a bathroom, a snack shelf, a buffet line, and a register desk! In the inside of the Buffet line there is a small kitchen with a chef cooking some eggs. Behind the register desk is a woman with a form for getting registered in the hotel. On to the second floor, We have a hallway leading down the middle leading into two hotel rooms. The first room(one with green bed) has a bed, a dresser, a lamp, a small kitchen area, and two mini figures with suitcases. The second room(one with red bed) has a bed, a dresser, a plant, a vacuum, a small kitchen area, and a mini figure. That’s all ya’ll! Hope you enjoyed it!

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