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Star Citizen Racers



The race is on with the sleek 350R and the powerful M50 race ships from Origin Jumpworks.  These two ships represent the pinnacle of racing performance in the Star Citizen universe. Drawing crowds across the galaxy these famous ships speed around courses and race neck to neck in hopes of winning the famous Murray Cup.  

These spaceships are part of the upcoming crowdfunded video game success STAR CITIZEN. Boasting well over 500,000 people signed on to be citizens in the galaxy, and having raised in excess of 50 Million dollars, STAR CITIZEN is a sci-fi franchise that will dominate in the years to come.  This universe promises to be a fantastic adventure.  The excitement and speed of Formula 1 in Space is what Star Citizen racing is all about.

The black and yellow 350R and the red and white M50 make a great set of Lego Racing ships from the Star Citizen universe.  With cockpits and doors that open, landing gear that retracts, and weapons for Blitz mode racing, hours of racing competition are guaranteed.  

If you are a sci-fi fan, a spaceship fan, a STAR CITIZEN, or just a cool LEGO fan, please consider supporting this project and adding some great racing spaceships to the Star Citizen LEGO lineup.

Thank you!


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