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            This set is a small part of a major city in my book with the working title "The Token". It is about a boy named Aoran who receives a token labeling him the "Master". He also has a vision telling him to go to the place which he later learns is Mount Arkano, in order to rescue "The Ancients". 

            Throndar is the capitol city of Hrondell, which is a country run by men, as opposed to some of the other races such as elves, dwarves, and Warrikan. This is a small portion of the city including, a small weapons shack, an outdoor council room, a watchtower, and a small pond

            This set includes five minifigures, and if you look at the last picture you can see all of them lined up. From left to right they are:

  1. ​The king of Throndar
  2. Helmark, Aoran's brother and the king's captain of the guard
  3. Aoran
  4. Téafell, Aoran's half-elf mentor
  5.  Fayowin, the king's elven bodyguard

            I hope you liked this set and I thank you for your support