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Alien Riders


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Alien Riders

This set was created in order to introduce an all-new original theme: a fun mashup of a creatures and space!


The theme combines the inventive sci-fi elements of the classic LEGO Space themes and the fun of creating the most far-out and unique creature-designs.


The "Alien Riders" is a  theme centering on creatures that are free roaming through space and are explored by our minifigure heroes: different teams of space explorers and zoologists.


The explorers have created special spacecrafts that attach to the creatures they tamed and hence they become "Alien Riders".


Most of these space creatures are friendly, but of course, some of them can be dangerous. As a result, there are different "Alien Rider" teams like "Explorers" , "Hunters",  and "Rangers", that sometimes compete and sometimes cooperate.


The presented set includes a main creature (a "space leviathan"), the attachable "Saddle"-Spacecraft of the Explorer team and a "Hunter"-Ship. 


The model contains 828 pieces including 4 minifigures.


I hope you like it!

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