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The Beverly Hillbillies


Drive around the fabulous city of Beverly Hills in the Beverly Hillbillies truck! Drive up to the mansion or go to the bank.  With 4 minifigures, and accessories, your ready to roll! 

I built this truck because The Beverly Hillbillies is one of my favorite old shows.  I designed this model on LDD.  I had some trouble designing the printing on Granny and Ellie May, but eventually settled on what I came up with.  The accessories are from when the family moved.

This truck features a bench on the back, a horn, room for a driver and a passenger in front, and thin wheels.  The accessories include a lantern, and a couple of barrels on a bendable stick that can be bent over the front.  There are 4 minifigures including Granny, Ellie May, Jed, and Jethro of the Clampett family.

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