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Interstellar Ranger


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This is the iconic Ranger One, from my favourite film of 2014, Interstellar.

Piloted by Joseph A. Cooper, and carrying astronauts Brand, Doyle, Romilly, and the robot co-pilot TARSRanger One was one of two Ranger spacecraft to make up the larger Endurance space ship as part of the Endurance mission in 2067. It played a pivotal role in the mission, being used in the rescue attempt of Dr Laura Miller from planet Miller, and later transporting the crew down to the ice planet Mann. It was subsequently destroyed by Dr Mann whilst attempting an ill-advised manual docking with the space ship Endurance.

This Lego build, a product of around 4 months work, is actually the 4th iteration of my lego Ranger obsession! Practise makes perfect as they say. If you're interested in it's evolution you can find the previous Lego Ideas project, along with the updates, here:

This is, without doubt, the most accurate and detailed Lego Ranger I have ever built. It features easily removable cockpit panels allowing access to the interior. All crew, including robot TARS are accounted for. It also has a rear airlock with sliding airlock doors and a hinged rear exterior hatch. TARS has multiple hinge points, allowing his 'face' to tilt forwards, true to the film. An optional display stand has also been built for it, which probably pushes this into idea into Lego UCS territory, but I hesitate to label it that as I just think it's fun to swoosh around and play with!

I hope you like the model and if you do, it would be awesome if you could support it.



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