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Cityscapes - Construction Crew Restrooms


Cityscapes - Construction Crew Restrooms:

This set is designed to simulate and create the added element often missed in construction sets but always seen in actual construction settings. One of the most important things to everyone. The Restroom. This construction set add on for any Cityscape setting includes the following:

2 - Lego construction themed mini-figures with accessories
1 - Portable Restroom (blue and white).
      Door fully works, and has character standing sockets in the floor.
      White toilet lid opens to reveal waste area, and a place for the mini-figures to sit.
      Waste area back panel is easily removable, to show the contents of the waste area.
1 - Bio Waste removal unit w/waste removal hose, attaches to the portable restroom back panel.
4 - Orange hazard cones without lights
4 - Orange hazard cones with light on top
3 - Tall hazard barricades
1 - Tall hazard barricade with light
2 - Short Hazard Barricade
4 - Freeway concrete Center dividers.

This set contains a total of 300 pieces