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Front End Loader- Lego City


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Here  is my front end loader. First in a construction set i am working on. I have designed it to be as realistic as possible but also tried to keep it fairly durable. I used double ball joints in the centre to able the machine to turn like the real deal. Two pivot points on the bucket/ arm were used to keep the bucket level while lifting and making it able to dump. I have outfitted it with a shovel and fire extinguisher, beacon on the roof, headlights and break/ reverse lights on the rear.       

     The build originally started as a little project for my son. He has always been fascinated by construction vehicles. We have a lot of construction in our city and he always gets excited when we drive by equipment, even more so when he has the same toys at home to play with. The project ended up way better than I had planned and I slowly made a few changes each adding a new feature to the truck. He has spend a lot of hours playing with this one usually in his kinetic sand along with a few other machines i built.

    I think this could end up as a great series to add on the LEGO city. To me it would be great set for younger kids as it's not to big and a fairly simple build. And from what I have seen unlike many lego sets it is a very playable set ( duarable and functional). With the amount  of time he has played with it I can see many other children enjoying this set as much as he has

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