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GT500 Racers

Classic liveries Update: Gulf


GT500 Gulf Racing 


The Legend is BACK in bussines! GT500 Lego Series! #2 Update Express from Ingolstadt


Just imagine hero of L.IMSA  the race car, the hero of early 90,  the times when LEGO SYSTEM was the real deal, and wheels we're small and tractor a-like...

90-L.GTO, this car teached a lesson to a big muscled Octan racing V8, how to handle bricks around the corner!

This legend is recreated in GT500 Ideas project!

Driver: Walter fon Bröhrl

GT500 Lego Racing series starts it's LIFE! Project Update #1


Thank you for your support!

I am learning how to improve my original idea in LDD, so  here it is, digital render of my creation!

Let me indroduce the first driver:

Douglas Bricks and his White LGT500 car.

He is independent driver with high hopes to respectively compete against Octan drivers in Brickstona 24H!

I decided to make the rear end more standart for 3 car without massive diffusor, but in future I will include the spare detail's in set as alternative package for higher downforce required  tracks.

Thank you for your support!

Let's Reach 10.000!