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Hi, LEGO pirates fans. This year the Islanders subtheme is 21. (And I'm 31) To celebrate it I present my 3d project, inspired by 6766 – I called it Kahuka’s Village. It took me much time to create it. And you can judge if it’s worth it. Long ago Indians worshiped the feathered snake and alien robots - believing they were gods. Mine is a combination of a classic teepee of 1998, a teepee of Lone ranger and Ninjago Starter set 2257. The size of the village is 48 by 48 studs, but I put the base plates so that you could see 12 mini figures better. The village looks huge but it is easy to build because I used mostly large parts. It can cost up to $100.
 The pirates came to the islanders’ village. It’s so rich that you can see gold, silver and gems anywhere. And the pirates are carrying all that not only in ebony chests but also in baskets, bags etc.  Lots of the islanders are weaponless but not defenseless because the sea dragon and the gold and bronze idols - the patrons of the village - won’t let the treasure away so easily. The dragon is chewing a greedy pirate who didn’t drop his treasure bag even when the dragon caught him. Achu is sitting on the dragon’s back. To my mind Achu and Kahuka are the most awesome LEGO islanders. They were issued long ago but their accessories can be found in LDD. A pirate is caught by a silver idol that became alive after the pirate tried to steal a huge sapphire from its crown. Kahuka wearing his big mask is watching from his high green throne. I hope you like my project.

 I think this Set would definitely fit into the LEGO Pirates Collection, so keep supporting this project and we'll be able to make it into an official LEGO set!  But don't forget to share "Bluecoats Soldiers Arsenal” with your friends too via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! But “Pirate Battle Island" is my main project so please support it and share, too.  You can find it here: 

Please enjoy! Support  and follow - it'll be a present for me

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