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1996 - 2002 Dodge Viper GTS


I will be exhibiting the Viper at Brickfair Virginia in Dulles, VA August 6 & 7th

Here is a link for more information.  I hope to see you there, as before I have a full LEGO rotating "show car" platform and studio lighting display.


More information for attending:

Dulles Expo Center
4320 Chantilly Center
Chantilly, VA 20153  


Update side sills

Taking another look at my model compared to some real Viper pictures I decided I could better recreate the side sills.  I've very happy with the result to the point that the sills just looked crude and wrong the way they were before.


New updates & Philly Brick Fest 2016

Hood canopy behind front wheels reworked, new side view mirrors created.

Headlights updated for authenticity

Rear exhaust updated for authenticity


Here is a picture from Philly Brick Fest 2016:


Here is a link showing the display rotating at the show:  see @16:42




I will be exhibiting the Viper at Philly Brickfest on April 30 & May 1, in Philadelphia

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Ave. | Oaks, PA 19456

The car will be there on Saturday the 30th and at least part of Sunday.

For more information:

I'd love to see you there.



Windscreen curvature

Windscreen base rounded and extended forward to more closely resemble actual car.  This also involved slightly modifying the hood.  I also moved and made larger the black hvac intakes including adding a handle to more easily open and close the hood canopy.


Oil fill cap, door structure

Black oil filler cap added to engine.



Doors redesigned, strengthened and made to use multiple clips instead of technic pins at the hinge point.  (I dropped the new door on my hardwood floor and it did not break)


Add polished gas cap

This update is to add the polished 1 x 4 gas cap.  This was originally planned, but the part did not arrive in time for the photo shoot.

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