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Apple Store


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Welcome to the Apple Store!

This is a two-story modern building with lots of details and of course lots of Apple devices. Included on the first floor are iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and even an Apple TV.  Climbing the glass rail staircase will take you to the second floor, where you'll find the Genius Bar, setup table, and cash register. 

Employees and Apple Geniuses are wearing true-to-life blue outfits, complete with an Apple logo on the torso. The Genius Bar is also complete with a sticker of the logo and stools to sit on while receiving tech support. And of course the store is filled with people, as most Apple Stores usually are!

The basic design is an alternation of yellow 2x4s and translucent 2x1s, though I would be willing to change the color of the 2x4s to a light grey. The floors are tiled, and the tables are made of beige 2x4s. I also have built various signs or banners that are found in Apple Stores, which would probably be replaced with decals in the final set. A large Apple logo built of bricks sits atop the roof.

Thank you for your interest in my Apple Store project, and if you like it please support this idea!

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