Despicable Me 2 Car-Sub-Plane-in-one

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Thank you all for your support!
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Here is the Despicable Me 2 Car-Submarine-Plane - easily transformed from one to the other in seconds for total versatility!

In the movie Despicable Me 2, secret agent Lucy Wilde persuades the former super-villain, Mr Gru, to work with her and catch the latest criminal who is trying to take over the world.

Agent Wilde drives the most cute and fantastic blue car, which converts into a submarine and a plane at the press of a button, and carries Mr Gru and her on amazing adventures together!

The famous and funny minions, Mr Gru's helpers from the first movie, are also there to help him along the way!

This car can be easily converted into the submarine and plane and back again for endless hours of play, and comes with minifigures, Mr Gru (with shrink gun), agent Lucy Wilde (with lipstick taser) and several minions!

If you would like LEGO to make the car-submarine-plane-in-one, please support the idea by clicking support above right.

The car body easily splits in half, and the upper part of the car body becomes the submarine roof. The car roof is removed and added into the new submarine roof. The car windscreen becomes the front waterscreen of the submarine.

The submarine is completed with the addition of motor-powered wings and underwater fins!

The car body is retained in its original format for the plane, and the wings grow out from the body, incorporating the head-lights, tail-lights and bumper bars into the wings!
In the movie, the wheels of the car are incorporated into the jet engines on the wings.

This car, submarine and plane were all fun to build, and are even more fun to play with!

This model is quite a unique LEGO experience, and allows you to create three models out of one, which are inter-changeable within seconds!

It would be great for LEGO to make this set, and I thank you for supporting this project!