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The Nutty Professor 1963 Movie Set


If you've seen the movie, The Nutty Professor (1963), you will know all about this. This is only one scene from the movie, but if this gets enough support, I will make more scenes from the movie. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you do because it is a very good movie and you will understand this a lot better.

This set has a total of 563 Bricks in all. This set is a Medium Level Set, it is not too hard, but it isn't too easy either. It comes with 7 Minifigures (Shown up close in the images) including: The Nutty Professor, Stella Purdy, The Bully/Jock, and 4 Students. You can see what this set is based on by looking at some of the images I've added.

If you want get more filled in watch this: 

 Thank You, and I hope to see some support on this set I've made. Set created by: LDD

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