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The X Factor


The X Factor

Imagine being part of it, standing on the stage in front of the four judges waiting for their comments moments after you’ve just performed your favourite song. Feel the excitement and anticipation; do I have the X factor?
Let’s now turn the table; you are one of the judges. Comment on the performance you’ve just herd, disagree and argue with the other judges or give the news that will change the life of the performer forever. However you play, LEGO Ideas The X Factor has The Play Factor!

About the model:

The raised X shaped stage appears to float on top of blue translucent plates which are also used around the edge of the judges desk to balance the look. Red and yellow translucent plates are used on the stage and back wall to simulate the array of lights that are present on the real show. The use of so many translucent pieces gives a very sparkly look to the model which should appeal to younger builders.
The four minifigure judges sit on revolving chairs, allowing them to be able to turn to each other or the audience behind.
The entire model sits on two 16x16 plates and measures 256mm x 128mm. The piece count is approximately 350 pcs.

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