Product Idea

Portal 2: Chell Action Figure (Updated)

“Did you ever stop to think that eventually there's a point where your name gets mentioned for the very last time? Well here it is... Chell.”
- GlaDOS, Portal 1

Updated since 12/14/13: The head and chest piece have been modified so as not to use any new pieces. If the LEGO company wished to, they most certainly can add it, but the project no longer requires it.

So here it is: for Portal Fans everywhere, both human and machine, the Lego Chell Action Figure. Fully articulated and equipped with her own Handheld Portal Device, she is ready for testing.

A few things I would like to point out:

The launcher features two zamor spheres, one blue and one orange to represent the two portals. Listed below is an alternative launcher.

Chell Figure Piece Count: 34-40 parts, depending upon which model is used.

This features not only a side view, but the head modeled out of existing bricks.

This is an alternate to the portal gun I currently have placed on the figure. The shot is placed inside which compresses a spring. The trigger releases the mechanism and fires the 'portal.' This will most likely not occur on the final design, but it is a conceptual design for any interested.

Please leave any thoughts, suggestions, preferences and comments. These will greatly aid in our testing process.


Update 07/17/12: Here is the potato battery on the Portal Device.

At the suggestion of our test subjects, the Chell figure was given a less bulky torso piece and a more proportioned head.