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Dumper Truck

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This is my dumper truck.

It is fully remote controlled by two receivers. It has two M motors which control the steering and the tipper and one XL motor directly linked to the traction: both the rear axes are connnected with the motor. The direct connection is useful to saving space for other components (the space is very limited) and to avoid to decrease the motor speed, which would have requested more space than I could use.

The steering is made by a series of speed reductions to get the right speed: not too fast but also not too slow!

In the cabin there are the seats and the right space to locate the receivers behind those one.

The tipper is put into operation by two linear actuators connected to a M motor: the mechanism is very simple, but in spite of its simple components it is the most invasive component in the whole truck because it needs a very large space in the structure to operate.

I hope you like it, for more images click here and if you like it, share it!

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