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Mini Sith™ Fury-class Interceptor™

In 2012, Lego has gave us a new set from Star Wars The Old Republic, the Sith™ Fury-class Interceptor™, this set that created by Joch1122 is fantastic, dosent only have the look of the Interceptor itself, it also has the function of it. The main function of this set is that it has a foldable wing flap, or whatever you call it, you can unfold it for attack, or close it for landing. This set is about 11cm long, and 10cm wide, when the wings are unfold, the height is about 7.50cm, comes with about 100~200 pieces. Again this is a mini set! Please Support It!

This mini model is a good looking set, not only its front view, but also the side.

The back is my favorite part of this star ship, the engine is just amazing, look at that!

As you can see, its a very beautiful ship.

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