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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Seahorse Boat and Elevator

It's a seahorse boat and an elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
A seahorse boat is a boat where the main characters take their boats to different places. It's a unique boat that looks attractive.
In the movie, the main characters are eliminated one by one, and it's meaningful that it's the only boat that appears when the main characters are all gather in the same place.

The second is Willie Walker's private elevator.
It's also used when the main character, Willy Wonker, goes inside or outside the factory. This is also an attractive elevator in the movie.
If Hansolo gets on the Millennium Falcon, Willy Wonker gets on the elevator. 

I wanted to make a seahorse boat and an elevator while watching the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory since I was young. I worked hard because I had a lot of time because of the Corona 19 virus. I believe that if my creation comes out as a product, it will be a good and attractive product.

Because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are family movies that both adults and children like, and I tried to make it as well as possible.

seahorse boat (933 parts)
elevator (224 parts)
total 1157 parts

I usually like to make the unique buildings, airplanes, and cars from movies, dramas, and games into 1:1 mini figures size
I'll try more of the other things.

If you want the original file, I will send it to you.

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