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Cruise Ship for Juniors


Cruise Ship for Juniors 6+ with 45 pcs.

It is an easy creation for kids. Every kid can construct it in few minutes and easy to play a scenario that can open new ways to sea adventure. In 45 "steps" a small kid can create a modern cruise ship

A toy inspired from the real cruise liners. Every kid can escape to the sea world with that new model. That was the motivation to create an easy toy just to inspire the little kids to explore the sea transportation. I believe that my model will open a new window to the fantastic world of cruise ships constructions. This simple Lego Idea I think that is something that missing from Lego Catalogues for little kids. For those reasons i believe it would make a great LEGO set. As an example it would be included in a 3 in 1 Creator pack.

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