Product Idea

BIG HERO 6 - Baymax and Hiro's Lab

BIG HERO 6 - Baymax and Hiro's Lab

This is a simple set based on the upcoming Disney/Marvel movie, Big Hero 6. The set would feature:

  • 1 Hiro Hamada Minifigure
  • 1 Baymax Buildable Bigfigure
  • 1 Lab Section


The Baymax Bigfigure is buildable and playable, it features several points of articulation and is able to stand up on its own. The figure is in scale with other Bigfigures such as the Hulk so would look good alongside a collection.

The lab section features two cupboards, a robotic arm, several dials, a sink, two barriers, a case with a blue and red stud inside it, and a large tower-like section. It looks good with or without Hiro standing on it.


This set is intended to portray the scene in Big Hero 6 when Hiro Hamada turns Baymax into his more robotic version, I would suspect that it would cost anything from £10 - £20.


The Hiro figure that I built is a prototype which would most likely need to be updated by the LEGO crew with a more suitable body printing and hairpiece, likewise some pieces of Baymax may need to be swapped with blue pieces if this set receives enough support.