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Vehicle: Rebel Runner

A BT1 Dropship aka Rebel Runner is an interplanetary armored personnel spaceship used for transporting blacktron rebels galaxy to galaxy double quick. The bow of this space cruiser consists of rare and discontinued parts to create the cockpit assembly. A detailed joystick assembly adds to the overall aesthetics. To access the personnel section of the boat, just flip up either side-panel to reveal a compartment big enough to fit two minifigs with bubble packs on and hand tools. At the aft of the ship are yellow engines and black greebles. The sturdy construction and interesting build techniques will keep the builder engaged throughout the entire experience. I built this ship because Blacktron is one of my favorite space factions and I always felt like Blacktron needed a dropship for getting the boys in and out of tight situations. I believe the Rebel Runner will make a great LEGO kit because of all the inspiring techniques that went into creating this space boat. Also for its swooshability, playability and that it will make à great display piece.

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