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SUPERCELL Clash Of Clans Lv.5 Gold Mine And Lv.1 Hidden Tesla Tower


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Hi, I am the person that made the last project "Lv.8 Town Hall".

My second project is the Lv.5 gold mine and the Lv.1 hidden Tesla tower.

Same, about the ground, it will be made if the project is make into a set.

The minifigs, I add two wizards and a rabbit.

(Because the ad have a rabbit beside the wizard, but I don't know why.)

The mine is a like a hole on the ground, and it has rail for the train that takes the gold up.

Please support it if you like it.

For all of the CoC projects, there will be minifigs.

(Except for the town hall.)

I'm sorry about that I've said to make the barrack and army camp, but that will be my fourth project.

The projects will be once two to three weeks.