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LEGO RC Two Wheeler


The LEGO Technic RC Two Wheeler

With two large LEGO engines, one driving each wheel, it is fast, can do flip-overs and spins like a ballerina.

I got the idea for this set when I gave my son the LEGO Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055): the moment I saw the large rings I said to my son: let's make a two-wheeler. And here it is!

The frames of the wheels were a challenge: it took me a couple of designs to make them strong yet simple. I wanted to use the larger 20 tooth gear to drive the wheels to keep the gearing simple. I covered the body with panels, but removing them makes the two wheeler lighter and looks great too.

The Two Wheeler is just under 30cm wide and the wheels have a diameter of 19cm. It weighs 800 grams, including the panels and batteries.

Obviously I built this for my son, and when I am driving it, that's for testing purposes only.