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Dragon Hunters: Evil Dragon Fortress


This project is the second in my 'Dragon Hunters' theme. This particular set is the dragon fortress, where Scarro, his dragons and the evil dragon riders make their evil plans to take over the kingdom and lock up the people who are against them.

The main part is a dungeon where the prisoners are kept. On top of that is Scarro's throne, where he looks at the kingdom in the distance, plotting how to take over it.

In my story, two of the forestmen have been captured and locked up by the dragon riders. It is up to Jake and one of the elite Dragon Hunters to rescue the forestmen, as they are working together to stop Scarro. But when they get there, there are two ogre guards. The person playing with the set can decide what happens next, or build the set and just put it on display.

The set includes:

.A dungeon

.A throne

.Two dragons

.Two ogre guards

.Two forestmen

.One dragon hunter



Please support and comment as well so that I can make changes and improvements. Also remember to share on things like Facebook and Flickr. I have put a lot of effort into creating this set so everything will be much appreciated.

Thank you! :) 


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