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Hutt Palace Bounty Hunting Room


This is another set to expand your Lego Star Wars galaxy. This is that place in every Hutt crimelord's palace where he hires bounty hunters to hunt down the scoundrels who owe him credits throughout the galaxy.It has some an alcove for the Hutt who hired them to display his victim, a weapons rack and a table with payment. It also has 2 speeder bikes and a carbonite slab.


Included are: Durge, D'haran, Rako Hardeen and Cad Bane. Durge has two heavy blaster pistols and a jetpack. D'haran has no accessoires but does have his giant cannon head. This is a head build out of bricks but a molded head could also work. Rako Hardeen Has a special helmet, his sniper and a side arm. Cad bane is very similar to his other lego incarnations but this version has jet boots and sleeker pistols.

Red speeder:

This is a standing speeder inspired by the Czerka Cruiser from the swtor game. It holds 1 minifigure.

Blue Speeder:

This is a self designed speeder (I didn't look up a specific speeder). It holds 1 minifigure and can drag the carbonite slate behind it.

Carbonite slate:

This is just the basic lego carbonite slate. It holds a minifigure but this set includes no extra minifigure to be the captured "bounty". It can be attached to the blue speeder for transport and placed in the display alcove when it has been delivered to the Hutt.


The alcove hold the carbonite slate. It would fit in colour scheme with the Jabba's palace set.

Weapons rack:

This holds 4 blasters.

Payment table:

This is covered in credit tabs and has an ornate lamp. It also has a small blaster hidden underneath.

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