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Hatty and Friends


Hatty and Friends.

The Hatty and Friends model is based from the popular game Battle Blocks Theater. This set is taken from the voyage at the beginning of the game and comes with two micro friends and two Hattys, one of which has the top hat and the sad face, it also comes with Hatty's emerald.

The Set is a thin cartoon looking set, much like how it is in the game It has perfect balance because of the sturdy Brick base plate. The Set itself has only 6 new color types and no new printed bricks. It is a small size and fits perfectly on almost any surface, which makes it the perfect addition for your computer desk.

This set is great for anyone who is a fan of Battle Blocks Theater and should be an easy build for anyone.

This set may be expanded as the year progresses so if you have any ideas please place them in the comments where I will view them and see what I can do.