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Mazda RX8s


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This is my first LEGO Ideas project, and I'm hoping to add many more in the future, mostly Lord of the Rings, but also some cars.

The red RX8: This RX8 is a 231bhp model and is red with the red leather (well it's actually plastic as it's LEGO) interior.

The white RX8: This one is a 40th Anniversary Edition. These were built to celebrate 40 years of the Wankel Rotary engine. They were all white with a white half leather interior and had the 231bhp engine. As they only made 400 of them, it's hard to find one, so owning a LEGO one is the next best thing!

The black RX8: This is the 192bhp model which is rarer than the 231. It is black with the grey cloth interior.

All of these RX8s come with racing drivers in suits that match the colour of their car. As you can see from the pictures, they also have the doors which open opposite ways (these took a while to make) and the 40th Anniversary Edition has a small rear spoiler. I hope you like this set!

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