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Zatanna's Magic Show


Zatanna is a superhero from the DC line of superheroes. Her specialty is magic, and she preforms her sells by saying everything backwards. Aside from being a superhero, she is also an illusionist, or performer if you will, and she loves entertaining people with actual magic (however the audience just thinks it's fake.)

This set is basically a stage where Zatanna is performing. She is standing in the front near some red curtains. Behind her, we have the rest of the stage where a bunny cage is visible. The bunny cage is covered in accessories, such as a green crystal, and a blue flower. Inside the cage is a bunny, which is depicted in one of the images. Next to that is a small table, where Zatanna keeps her magic hat. It is held in place by a single lego stud. And in the very back is a wall with a poster of Zatanna performing on the wall, as well as a clock. This set comes with only one figure, Zatanna. I think this would be a medium build because its is simple to make, but the back wall and the curtains may take some effort.