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The Never Ending Story


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My project is based on the movie The neverending story.

I built Bastian with the fantastic book and Atreyu with his horse Artax, Falkor the luckdragon, the rock biter, Teeny Weeny a messenger riding on a racing snail, Nighthob a messenger riding a narcoleptic bat, Engywook a gnomish scientist with his telescop and Urgl, Engywook's wife and healer, the southern Oracle and the black jumper, Gmork a vicious and highly inteligent wolf. Atreyu fends off and kills Gmork. I built too Morla, a giant turtle. Atreyu is surprised by the sudden appearance of Morla and lets out a cream. I built too the grumpy bookseller, the childlike Empress and Cairon, a servant of the princess.

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