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Disney Big Hero 6: Baymax Head


Last Hero

This is the last day. Thanks all the heroic supporters.


I will resubmit this project with new parts...


Big Christmas to the builders.

People, Have a heroic chirstmas!!!


This project need more support, please do it!!


All the parts.

These are all the bricks in the project:


50 Heroes

50 supporters is, to a renegade as me, at least like 5k of a modular project.

Thank your very much to those 50 braves, to those 50 antiheroes.

You didn´t need any Baymax body to support,...

Thanks a lot!!


Fear Inside

Sorry Okay but  I´m not a good builder, I´ve made the best I can (well all we know I´m lying :)) but this is my version of Fear.

Smaller eyes and longer nose for your Inside Out project....

The second version is better?

You should find a way to make it more similar to the real one, I can´t !! Good Luck!!


Lost Projects Files #4 Joda Soda

I was tempted to make it a public project, but this level of joke and word game is too high for lego ;))


A Hero in the Night

Didn´t I comment that Baymax is fluorescent?

Only one support to reach 40


United they stand!!

Hiro can´t fall to the ground cause he is united to Baymax with a magnetic brick. Magnetic?

Are you sure?

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