Product Idea

The Rail Mounted Gantry Crane


The Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes are the result of decades of crane design experience and performance in the field. They incorporate both recent innovations and technologies proven in millions of on the job working hours to provide high performance, reliability, accuracy, low operating costs and low energy consumption.

The cranes are able to load and unload containers between trucks and railroad cars standing on the tracks. The crane is so wide that it can reach over the track next to it.

BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway) is one of the largest railway undertakings and is also one of seven company United States class 1 railways. She owns many RMG cranes in this intermodal terminals.



The crane slides forward or backward on 2 guide rails built on 4 32x32 base plates.
On the base, we find:
  • On the left, 2 lanes reserved for BNSF vehicles.

  • In the middle, 2 railroad tracks for freight trains with double stacked wagons.

  • On the right, 1 lane for the reception and the shipping of the containers which is done by trucks.

  • At top, the rotary carriage can lift all types of containers and trailers, rotate the load 180 ° and displace the load from one track to another.

The stackable container for transporting goods by rail, sea and road has doors that open really.

The crane operator accesses the cabin or electrical distribution cabinet by a staircase. At this top, there is a small ladder that allows it to mount to perform maintenance of the rotary carriage. He can also access the electric cable reel thanks to another ladder.

Number of pieces  with minifigs : 3000

Minifigs : 1

This model was built using LEGO Digital Designer.



Length: 57.4 cm

Width: 51 cm
Height: 46.2 cm

I would have liked to add more details (wagon, truck, extra containers) but impossible because I reached the limit of 3000 parts allowed.

Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.

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