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Kingdoms Modular Castle Creator


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Now you too can be a castle master builder. This Kingdom’s Modular Castle Creator set allows you to very quickly build a large variety of different castles by simply rearranging the 4x8 and 8x8 modules in any configuration you can dream up. You no longer have to spend weeks or months to build the castle of your dreams. Instead it only takes minutes. Imagine, picking up a tower and  moving it to where you want it be With this real modular set, you can easily do that and much more.

This set can build more than just the 5 castles shown above. This set includes instructions and bricks for 18 universally interchangeable modules. Then, as a creator set, it has additional instructions for 13 more modules that you can build from the same included pieces or use some of your own pieces to make extra modules. You can mix and match the original modules and the creator modules to build an increasing variety of castles. Unlike other creator sets where you must tear down the entire build for something new, you need only tear apart the module you do not need and build the module or two that you want for your new layout. 

You could also sign up for the module of the month club and automatically be sent a new exclusive  module each month. These could be themed rooms like a kitchen, armory or wizards tower, or even stairs, and doors.  Each new module would then exponentially increase the style of castle you can build.  Each new castle design will inspire the mind to buy another set in order to make a fortress, wall or tower just one story taller.

Each module meets a design standard to ensure all modules fit securely together with any other module. They are designed with large spaces for staging minifigs inside the modules as well as on the battlements. Regardless of how you stack or connect the modules, all the floors on a story are level with each other. You can find a video demonstration of how this modular system works at

This set gives you the ability to build 25 the different modules shown in the pictures above. Below is a description of the 5 main categories.

Room / Wall Modules – Used to build walls, mazes of rooms, an enclosed fortress or tall towers. They can be stacked top to bottom or connected side by side, in a line or even a cluster using the included Lego Technic pins. You can also connect them off set by half a module to make a staggered wall, series of terraces or a pyramid.

  • Lower Gate Module – Usually the center piece of a castle or outpost with a set of double doors centered in the middle of a double 8x16 module. It is also outfitted to connect to an upper gate module with a working drawbridge and portcullis. The upper gate module is not included in this set.
  • Lower Room Modules – Typically used to form the lower level of a castle. They have decorative support buttress on the front wall with large open arches in the back.
  • Upper Room Modules – Have connections for the other modules on all six sides. This allows you to build out your castle in 3 dimensions instead of being limited to a wall or tower The main difference between the 5 configurations is the count and location of the walls or open sides.

Balcony Modules - Clip into the side of a room or bridge module using two Lego technic pins to create space for additional room modules or more battlements. There are 2 variations included in the set, both a half (4x8) and a whole (8x8) balcony module. Balconies can extend the area of your castle beyond the outside wall as if hanging in the air. Placing 2 balconies end to end can create an open archway two modules across.

  • One Piece Curved Balconies – A hybrid of a balcony and battlement module that are a single piece. They clip into the set of Lego Technic pin holes on a room or bridge module creating a small semi-circular place for minifigs, The railing version is perfect for the top level of tower.

Battlement Modules - Are placed on top of the room, bridge or balcony modules to provide a large stable play surface. There are 6 different 4x8 or half battlement modules that are included with the set.

Bridge Modules – Connect to rooms, balconies and other bridges to create more play space, battlements or open archways between rooms. You can place room or battlement modules on top of a bridge. This allows you to connect towers by sky bridges or create floor space between modules.  Both the whole and half bridges are included in the set.

Topper Modules – are placed on top of any room, bridge or balcony to create a decorative top to the highest level of a wall or tower. This set comes with a decorative height extender that is half the height of a room module and 2 different 8x8 battlement modules that can be used for a watch tower. There is also a roof module to dress up your tallest tower, which is also be available in pink or purple to appeal to female builders, quickly converting the king’s castle into one fit for a princess.

Minifigs and Decorative Pieces – A King, Queen, 5 soldiers and a horse are included. Plus some plants, torches and banners to dress up your castle and cover the Lego Technic pin holes that were not used to connect to other modules. Use the included ½ Technic pins.

Each module was carefully designed to be tough enough to be picked up and moved to its new spot without breaking or pulling bricks off of the rest of the castle.  This modular castle system has gone through countless hours of kid play testing and many redesigns for good playability and durability. Please ask Lego to make this set by clicking the blue Support button on the right side of the screen and follow the instructions. You can find more pics of other sample castles at

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