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LEGO Ninjago: Ed & Edna's Scrap n' Junk Shop


Ed and Edna have decided to take their business into the big city with this brand new shop! Now you can sell junk to all of the people of Ninjago. Ed decided to take the old Jalopy and the mobile home with them. The mobile home includes a light brick and seating for two minifigures. To enter you must lower the ladder protection gate. Ed and Edna aren't taking any chances after the snakes broke in! If the Jalopy ever needs repairs, you can easily remove the hood to tinker with the engine. The Jalopy can seat up to four minifigures. The built in water wheel provides electricity to the house when Jay isn't around. The inside of the shop has a variety of minifigure accessories and weapons. You can easily access the inside of the shop by sliding open the back wall. The upper attic has a window that you can slide open. The satellite dish sends messages to nearby ninja in case of emergency. This beautifully built set allows for great role-play and display.

Minifigures include: Ed, Edna, Jay, Nya, Cole, Zane, Kai, and two rebooted Nindroids.

Accessories include: Cannon, Broom, Glass, Hat, Helmet, Bottles, Sword, Axe, Soup Spoon, and a Banana.