Medieval Blacksmith Shop

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I give a HUGE THANKS to everyone who supported my Medieval Watermill and got it to the 10,000 vote review! The medieval village has expanded to include this Medieval Blacksmith Shop. In medieval times the "smithy" was necessary in every village for making weapons and tools for the farm. I believe there is a demand for this "ramshackle" style of building and I hope with your help we can continue to push another medieval theme build through the review phase! 

This Medieval Blacksmith Shop would be ideal as a display piece for adults/teenage collectors or to add to an entire medieval village with other buildings such as a cottage, watermill, windmill, tavern, church, castle, etc. I tried to include many details throughout while limiting the landscape for a more realistic piece count. I estimate around 2,430 pieces in this build. 

It was a fun challenge building this dilapidated blacksmith shop with a caved in roof and old teetering chimneys. There is a chimney for the interior and one for the exterior forging furnace which was used to heat metal. The exterior furnace has a light underneath which you can access through the window on the backside. I used several different build techniques to get the desired "ramshackle" look. There is no interior to view as a large support structure takes up that area. Although it appears fragile the build is very stable and can be played with. Includes lots of accessories to forge with such as an anvil, grindstone, and many tools. 

Includes 3 minifigures: male blacksmith, male forger's assistant, female customer and goat minifigure.

I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If interested please check out my other projects and support if you like below:

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Thanks for viewing!